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Q: How long are balance due amounts good for?
A: Tax amounts are good through the due date. After the due date a 10% penalty is charged on the amount of tax owed.
Q: Why can't I find my property tax information?
A: The most common reason that information cannot be found is that the search criteria is not exactly as the information was input. For instance, the name McSmith may be in the system as Mc Smith, with a space in the name, and it won't ever find a parcel under the name of McSmith until you put a space in it. Street names may be spelled out, as in Ninth Street instead of 9th. East may be entered as E. E, or East and may or may not be separated from other data with a space. North, South and West have the same potential search problems. Therefore, the most accurate type of search is for a parcel number since misspellings, punctuation differences and alternate spellings will not happen with parcel numbers.
Q: What if I didn't get a tax statement that I was expecting?
A: The Tax Statements Will Be Mailed Out
A Minimum Of 15 Days Prior To The Due Date 
Tax statements are mailed to the address of the deeded owner, as of March 1 of the tax year that is on the address list that is maintained by the Madison County Auditor. Failure on the part of the US Postal Service to timely deliver a tax statement constitutes a situation that is outside of our control. There are other options available whenever a tax statement delivery problem could occur.

The options are:
1. You can print out a copy of the information that is available online. 

2. A copy of the printed statement can be picked up at our office.

3. For a fee of $2.00 plus .50 per page we can fax a copy of the statement. 

Q: Are payments and balances that show that show as property tax information on the website as current as the Treasurer's Office records?
A: All timely payments have been posted on the website, and the balances are accurate as of the "Last Updated" date.
Q: What should I do if the assessed value on my home is too high?
A: If your assessed value is too high you will need to contact your township assessor or the office for the Anderson Township Assessor at (765) 641-9408 or the County Assessor at (765) 641-9401.
Q: When will tax statements be mailed out?

The Tax Statements Will Be Mailed Out
A Minimum Of  15 Days Prior To The Due Date  

Q: Why can I not get a person to answer the phone in the Treasurer's Office?
A: We often have more telephones ringing than there are people available to answer them. Since we are sometimes shorthanded, with thousands of people trying to get through, the common practice of pushing the "0" button to be connected to an operator does not accomplish anything because everyone in the office is otherwise occupied.
Q: What should I do about a wrong address?
A: If you need to change your address please contact us at the Treasurer's Office.
Q: Why am I being told that I have to pay a penalty for a late payment?

Indiana state law has some specific requirements for late payment penalties. The applicable portion of the Indiana Code can be found at:


Section 10 of this law is the one that deals with the conditions under which a penalty will apply. As such, the Madison County Treasurer is required, by law, to assess late payment penalties. Section 10 basically does not allow for any exceptions, regardless of the reason. Only a change in the law itself can alter this.

The law is very clear on this subject, and no amount of appeal can change it. County officials who knowingly fail to follow the law do so at their peril since they are not authorized to ignore it.

Q: What should I do if I overpaid my taxes?
A: If you have paid more than is due for a particular tax year, we cannot, by law, apply the overpayment to a future year. You will receive a surplus letter that will instruct you how to request a refund from the Auditor's office. The process is complicated due to legalities and will take a few weeks. Although the checks have Madison County Treasurer as the issuer the actual refunds / checks are processed through the Auditor's office.
Q: How can I file for tax exemptions?

Tax exemptions are filed in the Auditor's Office (765) 641-9419.

When filing for a mortgage exemption, you will need to know who holds your mortgage and the approximate balance.

An exemption means that a certain amount will be deducted from your assessed valuation.

IF YOU MOVE OR CHANGE THE WORDING ON YOUR DEED you will need to re-file your homestead exemption.

IF YOU REFINANCE you will need to re-file your mortgage exemption.

Types of exemptions available:

Age (over 65)
Blind (with proof)
Disabled (with proof)
Enterprise zone
Residential abatement
Disabled veteran
Real estate-ERA
Personal resource recovery
Nontaxable/Not-For-Profit (Contact Jack in the County Assessor's Office)

For more information, go to www.in.gov/icpr/webfile/formsdiv/51781.pdf

Q: How can I pay my taxes?

In person by cash, check, cashier's check or money order. The Treasurer's Office is on the first floor of the County Building at 16 East 9th Street Room 109 Anderson IN 46016. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The office is closed on all County holidays.
Mail by check, cashier's check or money order to 16 East 9th Street Room 109 Anderson IN 46016. If you want a receipt, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope and both the Treasurer and Taxpayer copies of the tax statement.

Pay by credit card at www.certifiedpayments.net. The county bureau code is 2425557.  There is a convenience fee for this service. Credit card payments cannot be accepted in the Treasurer's office or by mail.

At the following local financial institutions after current bills have been issued and made prior to the due date.

Ameriana Bank

First Farmers Bank

First Merchants Bank

Huntington National Bank

National City Bank

Star Financial Bank

Q: Can there be special assessment or lien of any kind on a particular property?

All special assessments are itemized on the tax bill. Each type of special assessment will have a code # on the bill.

1.     Ditch Maintenance
2.     Ditch Reconstruction
3.     Sewer Lien
4.     Weed Cutting Lien
5.     Barrett Law
6.     Tax Sale

Q: What about moving a mobile home or transfering the title?
A: All taxes must be paid, including, January 15, the amount for the current year. If the tax amount is not yet known then the Auditor will provide an estimate, which must be paid even if the transaction occurs before a tax due date.

When transferring title, please bring the current title with you. We will need the name and address of the new owner.

If the home is to be moved, we must have the address of the new location.

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