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Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services Hotline: 1-800-992-6978

If an endangered adult is in immediate danger, dial 9-1-1 or call the police immediately!



An individual who believes or has reason to believe that someone is an endangered adult and is the victim of abuse, neglect, or exploitation is required by law to make a report to law enforcement, contact Madison County Adult Protective Services at 765-608-5226 or e-mail APSregion6@madisoncounty.in.gov, or through the APS Hotline at 1-800-992-6978.

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What is an endangered adult?

An endangered adult is someone 18 years or older who is incapable of managing his or her property or providing the provision of self-care due to the following reasons:


  • Mental Illness
  • Mental Retardation
  • Dementia
  • Habitual drunkenness or drug use
  • Other physical or mental incapacitations


In most cases, the endangered adult is put in harm’s way as a result of neglect, battery, or exploitation of personal services or property. Examples of harmful actions include physical abuse, non-verbal and verbal threats, sexual abuse, and financial exploitation. Instances that involve elderly or dependant adults who have been abandoned by caretakers or who have failed to take care of their own basic needs require the attention of APS as well.


What is the role of Adult Protective Services?

Adult Protective Services investigates or alerts law enforcement or any other agency on allegations of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of endangered adults. APS investigators can take legal action to protect an endangered adult. Investigators can also use medical, psychiatric, legal, and social service resources in the community to protect the health and safety of the endangered adult.

Can I be civilly or criminally liable for reporting an endangered adult or testifying?

A person who in good faith makes a report of an endangered adult or who testifies at administrative or judicial proceedings on matters arising from the report is immune from both civil and criminal liability for doing so.

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What are the benefits to reporting abuse?

  • The endangered adult will be given options to keep him/her safe from harm
  • The Adult Protective Services worker can link the adult and family to needed community resources
  • Family members and friends who are unaware may be alerted and step in to help
  • The APS worker can find ways to help the caregiver handle stress
  • A perpetrator of abuse may be prosecuted, preventing harm to others
  • Reporting suspected abuse allows a professional to follow up and assess the situation.

Is my report confidential?

The identity of all persons who report is confidential. Violation of statutory confidentiality may result in a criminal misdemeanor charge. Adult Protective Services may reveal the names of reporting parties only to other investigative agencies as specified by law.

How do I make a report?

Call us at 765-608-5226, or call the state hotline at 1-800-992-6978. You can also visit us at our office located at 16 E. 9th St. Anderson, IN 46016.


Madison County Government Center

16 East 9th Street

Anderson, IN 46016


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