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Community Corrections


Community Corrections

Madison County was one of the first counties in the state to create a community corrections program when the Indiana Legislature authorized it in 1981.  Originally administered by the Board of County Commissioners through JobSource, in 1990, the Community Corrections Advisory Board was established as a free-standing county agency.  All responsibility for community corrections was transferred at that time to the Community Corrections Advisory Board.  Often referred to as “CJC”, community corrections evolved over the years in response to the challenges society faces from substance abuse, mental illness, and domestic violence. 

Madison County Community Corrections is a criminal justice agency that serves to reduce prison populations by supervising offenders in the community while ensuring safety for the public, employees, and offenders.  Through intense supervision, monitoring, and case management, offender participants in community corrections are provided services to help them address unemployment, chemical substance dependency, mental health disorders and pro-social behavior. 

Community Corrections operates two 24-hour secured facilities.  Madison County Correctional Complex (MCCC) is a 132-bed secured detention facility.  It addresses jail overcrowding by housing lower risk offenders and detainees who may otherwise be incarcerated at the Madison County Detention Center.  The Community Justice Center (CJC) is a 146 bed Residential Work Release Center in addition to being the hub for programmatic services and day reporting.

Community Corrections mission is to decrease non-compliance and reoffending among offenders by exercising effective supervision and intervention practices that reduce identified risk factors and target specific criminogenic needs.

We work closely with law enforcement and the courts who order offenders into supervision under one or more supervision programs.  

Community Corrections Supervision Programs Include:

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