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Information for Employers

Electronic Payments


Employers with more than 50 employees and more than one employee/obligor are required by I.C. §31-16-15-16 to process child support payments electronically. For more information regarding electronic paying, please see the information from Indiana Department of Child Services regarding Payment Processing. Additionally, the Child Support Bureau may be reached via telephone at (317) 232-0327 or 1-800-292-0403 for questions pertaining to electronic payments.

Check Payments


Checks should be made payable to “Indiana State Central Collection Unit”. Also, please indicate on the check the ISETS case number identifier and the employee’s/obligor’s social security number.


Mailing Address (for employer payments only)

Payments may be mailed to:

State Central Collection Unit

P.O. Box 6219

Indianapolis, IN 46206-6219

Multiple Support Withholdings


If more than one Order or Notice exists against the employee/obligor, and you are unable to honor all support Orders or Notices due to federal or state withholdings limits, you must follow the state law procedure of the employee’s/obligor’s principal place of employment. For information and examples, please refer to the Indiana Department of Child Services information on Pro-rating Multiple Child Support Orders.

Income Withholding Orders for Independent/Sub-Contractors


Normally, per federal and state requirements governing income withholding for child support, the amount employers withhold is calculated by:


For the pay period in question, from gross pay deduct all taxes (state, federal and local) which = “disposable income for child support”.

Multiply the “disposable income” by the percentage limiter (may be 50%, 55%, 60%, or 65%) indicated in the first paragraph of “Remittance Information” on the standard income withholding order.

Compare the dollar amount result in #2 to the obligor’s ordered amount for the time period and whichever amount is the smallest is the amount to be withheld.

However, in the case of pay to an independent contractor where NO taxes are withheld, the Indiana Department of Child Services suggests to income payers that in order to be able to do steps 1-3 above and in order to express fairness to the obligor, the income payer assume taxes of 20% for step #1 and then proceed to steps #’s 2 and 3.

Termination Notification


You must promptly notify the Child Support Division when the employee/obligor no longer is employed by you. Please provide the following information to the Madison County Child Support Office:


  • Name of the employer
  • Name of the employee/obligor
  • Case identifier
  • Date of separation from employment and reasoning (i.e., employee was terminated, voluntarily quit, etc.)
  • Employee/obligor’s last known home address
  • Employee/obligor’s new employer/address
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