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Elwood, Indiana

From the small town called Quincy to the city, it is today, Elwood has prospered through the years. Quincy became Elwood on June 15, 1869. In the early years, the town prospered from the natural gas wells and later farming and canning factories as well as the Tin Plate and hand blown glass factories. Throughout the years, Elwood has adapted to change. And today is no different. The residents will continue to adapt as the city makes progress.

Elwood celebrated its Centennial in 1952 and it Sesquicentennial in 2002. We, the residents, continue to be hopeful for our future. Elwood has a new state-of-the-art Municipal Building and schools, a YMCA, library and St.Vincent Mercy Hospital.

We are a city where people fly the American flag, sit on their porches and visit with their neighbors, play ball with their children, walk their dog or ride bicycles on warm summer evenings. Whether you live in the north or south end of town, you can hear the excitement at the ball parks on summer evenings.

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