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Commissioner's Office


Commissioner's Office

In Indiana, counties have three commissioners, one from each district. The Board of Commissioners serve as the executive body and are custodians of the home rule powers of the county. Within the scope of home rule, commissioners may adopt and vest themselves with additional regulatory powers. They have the authority to pass ordinances in broad areas including, but not limited to, the following: 

  • Controlling, maintaining, and supervising county property including courthouses, jails, and public offices

  • Supervising construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, and to provide for traffic control

  • Auditing and authorizing payments on behalf of the county

  • Incorporating new towns and altering township boundary lines, on petition

  • Receiving bids and authorizing contracts

  • Exercising appointive powers including both the selection of members to fill positions on boards, commissions, and committees, and appointments of certain department heads

Throughout the Indiana Code, the Board of Commissioners is variously referred to as the executive body or the legislative body. The legislative body of the county is divided between the Board of Commissioners and the County Council. As a rule, the council has jurisdiction over fiscal matters and the commissioners have jurisdiction over matters that concern either the exercise of regulatory or administrative powers. 

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