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Emergency Management & Office of Homeland Security


Emergency Management & Office of Homeland Security

The Madison County Emergency Management Agency is charged with the responsibly to serve and protect the residents of Madison County and to protect their lives and property from natural, technological and man-made disasters. The agency is made up of 7 groups:

  • Warning Group

  • Communications Group

  • Field Support Group

  • Public Information Group

  • Training and Exercise Group

  • EOC Team

All volunteers are professional trained and go through monthly training.

Warning Group

  • Responsible to provide advance warning information to Madison County in the event of severe weather.

  • Work closely with Communications Group and the National Weather Service

  • Monitor weather on a daily bases, provide daily or hourly weather briefings as required

  • Issues or re-issue watches and warning for the county

Communication Group (FCC license Amateur radio Operators)

  • Provide plan and support during communications disruption or provide additional communication links within the County, State, and world

  • Provide trained communicators with equipment to supplement or replace existing systems

  • Provide an “Communications Center (CC)” within the “Emergency Coordination Center (EOC)”

  • Provide a “Mobile Communications Unit (MCU)”

  • ECC Team

Field Support Team

  • Traffic and Crowd Control

  • Helicopter Landing Zone

  • Security Details

  • Provide Area lighting around emergency scenes or facilities.

  • Respond to all major traffic accidents high profile events, and multi-alarm fires

  • Power lines down, flooded roads, trees blocking roads

Specialty Teams

  • Damage Assessment Team

  • Short and Long Term Recovery Team

  • FEMA Disaster Declaration Evaluation Team

  • Debris Management Team

  • Project Lifesaver Search Specialist

  • Pet Shelter Management Team

  • Outreach Team

  • Planning / Training / Exercise Team

Each group is staffed and available to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Madison County Emergency Management Agency and Homeland Security Office is Madison County’s 2nd largest agency based on staff with over 150 active volunteer members. Many of the active members receive specialized training which prepares them for emergency response. For more details, see additional information below.

Interested in joining our team? To begin the process, download the application file from the resources section. We look forward to hearing from you.

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