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Prosecuting Attorney


The Prosecuting Attorney is a Constitutional Office tasked with representing the State of Indiana in certain criminal and civil matters. Madison County has one Unified Circuit Court with six divisions and six Circuit Court Judges, three Magistrates, and three Commissioners. Four Circuit Courts have major felony jurisdiction, which includes Murder through Level 6 felonies. Circuit Court II has juvenile jurisdiction and Circuit Court V's jurisdiction is limited to Level 6 felonies. Circuit Court I, in addition to a major felony case load, presides over the Madison County Problem Solving Court (which includes Drug Court, Re-Entry Court and Mental Health Court). Madison County is also the home to two City Courts: Anderson City Court and Elwood City Court which have jurisdiction over misdemeanors and traffic infractions.

Madison County is served by 22 separate law enforcement agencies with more than 300 police officers. The Madison County Prosecutor's Office has a staff of 59 employees with one elected Prosecuting Attorney, one appointed Chief Deputy, and 19 deputy prosecutors. Madison County is the home of three Indiana Department of Correction prison facilities: the Pendleton Correctional Facility (formerly known as the Indiana Reformatory), the Correctional Industrial Facility, and the Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility. Crimes committed by offenders at these facilities are prosecuted by the Madison County Prosecutor's Office.

Each year, the Madison County Prosecutor's Office files and prosecutes approximately 2,000 felonies, 500 juvenile delinquency petitions, and 12,000 misdemeanors and traffic citations. While 13th in the State by population, Madison County has sent the 3rd highest number of convicted criminal offenders to the Indiana Department of Correction in 11 of the past 12 years.

Find resources and learn more at the Madison County Prosecutor’s Office’s website:

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