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Treasurer's Office


Treasurer’s Office

Notice of Commissioners Certificate Sale

What We Do

The Madison County Treasurer is the general tax collector, custodian, and investor for Madison County. Our office can assist you with making payments, determining your balance due, obtaining mobile home transfer permits and answering any questions about past taxes.

What We Don’t Do

Doing business with the county government can be somewhat confusing, so we’ve developed this handy list to help you navigate the various offices that deal with property tax.

Our Online Services

Mortgage Company Processing Info

If you are a mortgage company looking for help for our electronic billing, please click here: Info for Mortgage Companies

Tax Sale Information

External Links to Helpful Information

Want to know how property tax works? The Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) has an excellent page that describes how property tax works.

Citizen’s Guide to Property Tax

Want to calculate your own tax bill? The DLGF has an online calculator to do just that!

DLGF Property Tax Calculator

Need information about deductions and expemptions for your property tax? Once again, the DLGF has it covered. You can find information about the homestead, mortgage, over 65, veteran and many more.

Property Tax Deductions

Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions from the DLGF:


The DLGF also has county specific information on their website. On that page is just about everything you could ever want to know about Madison County’s finances, and probably lots of stuff you didn’t want to know!

DLGF Madison County Specific Information

Additional Information
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