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Address & Contact


16 E 9th St

Anderson, IN 46016

Room 205

(765) 641-9613

Angie Abel

Madison County Recorder


Our staff is dedicated and devoted to maintaining and preserving the public records of Madison County. Recording your document(s) with our office will ensure you have a safe, fireproof place, and will quickly be accessible to you when you need them in the form of recorded copies. We will:


Madison County was founded January 4th, 1823. The Office of Recorder was the first Constitutional Office in County Government in Indiana. The Recorder’s office is a constitutional office dedicated to recording the vital documents that determine ownership of property (IC 36-2-11). Our office is responsible for the preservation of a wide range of documents including deeds, mortgages, liens, leases, subdivision plats, surveys, land contracts, UCC filings, military discharges, and more. 


Our historical documents come in the following formats: books, microfilm, and computer images. The books include documents from 1826’s to 1989. Our microfilm images include documents from 1989 to present. The computer images include indexed and scanned images before 1989 to the present. Most documents are available in the system under book and page all the way back to the first documents.

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