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ARPA Community Engagement Team

The County has established a Community Engagement Team comprised of leaders throughout the community to oversee and guide implementation of the ARPA funds. The Leadership Team includes:

John Richwine - Madison County Commissioner

Diana Likens - Madison County Councilwoman

Rob Steele - Madison County Councilman

Beatrice Ramey - Madison County Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Jessica Bastin - Madison County Engineer

Kim Townsend - Anderson Housing Authority Executive Director

Stephanie Moran - Anderson University, Director of Engagement and Adult Learning

Barb Scott - Aspire Indiana Health CEO

Bill Savage - City of Elwood Economic Development Director

Larry Shively - Frankton Town Council

Jesse Reynolds - Leadership Academy of Madison County Executive Director

Clayton Whitson - Madison County Chamber of Commerce CEO/President

Ben Davis - Madison County Community Foundation Executive Director

Rob Sparks - Madison County Economic Development Executive Director

Tammy Bowman - South Madison County Community Foundation Executive Director

Denise Amos - Van Buren Township Trustee

  1. Lead efforts to seek community engagement and input on ARPA priorities

  2. Facilitate execution of the Community Engagement Plan

  3. Continually review the Community Engagement Plan for alignment with the goals and objectives and update the plan as needed

  4. Monitor, track, and report progress of the Community Engagement Plan

  5. Support stakeholders in developing and submitting proposals

  6. Serve as a liaison between the Leadership Team, community stakeholder groups, and the community

As part of the  Community Engagement Strategy, Madison County has designated a portion of the ARPA funds to complete a number of planning initiatives across the County. The goal is to determine current and future infrastructure needs, in order to identify potential projects to help us all move forward in a cohesive, collaborative manner. These planning initiatives include:

  • Thoroughfare Plan Update

  • Stormwater Master Plan

  • Water/Wastewater Master Plan

  • Parks, Trails, Open Space & Natural Areas Master Plan


More information on these planning efforts can be found using the links to the left.

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