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ARPA Leadership Team

The County has established a Leadership Team comprised of County officials to oversee and guide implementation of the ARPA funds. Members of the Leadership Team are:

John Richwine - Madison County Commissioner

Darlene Likens - Madison County Commissioner

Olivia Pratt - Madison County Commissioner

Ben Gale - Madison County Councilman

Anthony Emery - Madison County Councilman

Rick Gardner - Madison County Auditor

Tom Shepherd - Madison County Surveyor

Stephanie Mellinger - Madison County Health Department Administrator

Jessica Bastin (non-voting member) - Madison County Engineer

The Leadership Team’s responsibilities include:

  1. Identifying funding opportunities contained in ARPA, including:

a. Direct assistance to Madison County ($26 million)

b. Collaborative opportunities with other communities

c.  Other funding opportunities in ARPA

    2. Tracking ARPA developments on spending requirements, allowable uses, and reporting uses

    3. Developing and implement a strategic funding plan that identifies community priorities and               aligns with eligible uses for ARPA

     4. Receiving proposals from stakeholders and ensure clarity and completeness

     5. Facilitating discussions about proposals received and solicit feedback from pertinent             

stakeholders, as needed

     6. Scoring proposals and identified recommendations to the County Commissioners and County

 Council for advancement 

     7. Supporting efforts to seek community engagement and input on ARPA priorities

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