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Thoroughfare Plan

Madison County is developing its first complete Thoroughfare Plan. A thoroughfare plan identifies priorities to improve the existing road network and to accommodate future travel demands based on population and employment projections. Unlike a traffic study, which is intended to address immediate traffic concerns, thoroughfare plans address short, medium, and long-term transportation issues. The purpose of the Madison County Thoroughfare Plan is to evaluate existing conditions, establish a clear vision and goals for the future, and identify recommendations that translate the vision and goals into actionable projects and initiatives throughout the County.

More information about the Thoroughfare Plan study can be found here

Public Engagement Opportunities


We want your input as we work to develop this important planning document. Opportunities to provide feedback are listed below. This section will be updated throughout the planning process.

Online Survey and Collaborative Mapping Activity

The project team invites you to complete the following online activities:  an online survey and collaborative mapping activity.  By completing these activities, you help the project team better understand the community’s thoughts regarding streets, sidewalks, bike lanes, and trails in Madison County. The feedback received from these public engagement opportunities will help determine future transportation priorities and opportunities.

Public Open House


A Public Open House is tentatively scheduled for October of 2023.  At this open house, the vision, goals, and plan recommendations will be available for public review and comment. 

Steering Committee

Tom Bannon, Citizens Representative, Community Hospital Anderson

 Jessica Bastin, Madison County Engineer
John Beeman, Madison County Sheriff
Deandre Coleman, Madison County Engineering Technician
Anthony Emery, Madison County Council
Lisa Floyd, Citizens Representative, South Madison County Community Foundation
Scott Harless, Madison County Highway Superintendent
Luis Laracuente, Greenfield District Traffic Engineer, INDOT
Maddie Love, Economic & Community Development Liason, MIBOR
Mike Montgomery, Citizens Representative, krM Architecture
Ryan Phelps, Principal Transportation Planner, Madison County Council of Governments

John Richwine, Madison County Commissioner
Rob Sparks, Madison County Economic Development
Larry Strange, Madison County Planning Director
Clayton Whitson, CEO, Madison County Chamber of Commerce
Mark Yaudas, TRAM Representative, Hilcroft Services

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