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Stormwater Master Plan

Madison County has an extensive network of regulated drain tile and open ditches. The watersheds that drain to these regulated drains are generally located in the rural areas of the county, outside of communities such as Anderson, Alexandria, and Pendleton. Considering the County’s proximity and access to Interstate 69, some of these watersheds may become attractive for future development.

Madison County has many capital needs relating to stormwater and drainage systems within the County’s unincorporated areas. The majority of these regulated drain tiles and open ditches were created to drain agricultural land, not urban development. Since the watershed divides used to determine which properties to assess were likely derived from contour maps that do not reflect updated and current mapping and development, it is anticipated that these watershed divides are inaccurate. An inventory and evaluation of the deficient drainage systems is necessary to prioritize improvements and balance those needs with future growth and expansion.

The first phase of the Stormwater Master Plan Study involves gathering available data on the regulated drain systems, including historical aerials, soils maps, zoning maps, the most recent digital elevation model statewide LiDAR, drone photos, available construction plans for existing developments, available construction plans and/or as-builts for road, drainage, and storm sewer projects in the area, and Madison County GIS information. Existing drainage patterns and watershed divides will be reviewed and updated, along with existing drainage features and known drainage issues. Areas of anticipated future development will be identified, along with known and potential areas of concern.

Please use this form to submit an area of concern to our master planning team or to share other input on this initiative.

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