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ARPA Funding Plan

County leadership has identified the following priorities for utilizing the ARPA funding:

  • To support recovery from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and build resiliency for responding to future pandemics

  • To increase the accessibility of the County government while improving the services provided to constituents and stakeholders in the community, particularly those groups most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic

  • To facilitate transformational changes in the County by improving the environment, promoting economic viability, addressing aging infrastructure, and increasing the overall quality of life in Madison County


To date, 25 initiatives to support County Government operations have been approved. A list of the approved initiatives can be found here.

Madison County has designated a portion of the ARPA funds to complete a number of planning initiatives across the County. The goal is to determine current and future infrastructure needs, in order to identify potential projects to help us all move forward in a cohesive, collaborative manner. These planning initiatives include:

  • Thoroughfare Plan Update

  • Stormwater Master Plan

  • Water/Wastewater Master Plan

  • Parks, Trails, Open Space & Natural Areas Master Plan

More information on these planning efforts can be found using the links to the left.

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